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When Activism meets community development.

MYP is a registered NPO focusing on community development.
At MYP, we believe that education is a liberator, as such, we prioritise education as a starting point for all of our community development activities. We seek all the help possible, please continue reading.

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MYP Annual Career Expo

Because education is a liberator.

We have been hosting a career expo every year since 2013.
The event is aimed at raising awareness among high school learners, creating a culture of knowledge sharing and bridging the gap of access to information.

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Masemola Young Professionals

Our Village. Our Pride.

Striving for a united, literate community driven by inclusive academic and economic prosperity.


Effective and Sustainable Community Development.

Championing the principles of societal justice, and empowerment of the youth, women, and children.

Resolving conflicts and inspiring peace among residents.

Enable an environment of dialogue and activism among the youth.


Improve communication and consultative measures.

Improve health, safety and security standards.

Provide effective education and skills development programmes.

Inspire positive social change through information, advocacy and service delivery.


Identify and confront problems facing the community at large.

Identify and pursue economic development opportunities.

Promote altruistic values, selflessness, public interest, activism and collective decision making.

Improve service delivery and quality of life amongst residents.

Marule Mahlase

Marule Mahlase


Marule is an admitted attorney of the high court. He is an experienced legal advisor with expertise in litigation and legal compliance. A highly dedicated community servant with a passion for mentoring of protégées.

Ntshirile Bapela

Ntshirile Bapela

Deputy Chairperson

Ntshirile is a Compliance Manager in the financial services industry with a background in finance. She's passionate about people and community development

Phaphedi Bapela

Phaphedi Bapela

General Secretary

Phaphedi holds a baccalaureus technologiae in HR. An experienced HR professional with more than 15 years in the state owned enterprises. He is one of the founding members of MYP.

Ferdinand Mokete

Ferdinand Mokete


Ferdinand is a charted accountant by profession with a strong passion of teaching. He is a trusted professional advisor with intense involvement in professional development of others.

Jafta Tshebesebe

Jafta Tshebesebe


Jafta is an accountant by profession. He believes communities can only move forward if they embrace passionate minds and learn from each other.

Mabu Manaileng

Mabu Manaileng

Public Relations

Mabu holds a masters degree in computer science. He is passionate about the role of technology and education for large scale social trasformation. "When I grow up, I want to be like Malala Yousafzai."

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MYP membership is open to all community members; University students, primary and high school learners, unemployed youth, enterprenuers and trianed professionals. Moreover, we are constantly looking for volunteers to aid us in our endeavors. Should you be interested, please click the button below.

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Our Partners

"If You Want To Go Fast, Go Alone. If You Want To Go Far, Go Together"

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Have You Seen Our Causes?

MYP hosts annual events focusing on causes that are strategically selected based on the organizations priorities and availability of resources. Below are some of the causes we have pursued.

Expo 2017

Career Expo 2017

LocationMasemola High School, Ga-Masemola
Date27 May 2017
PartnersBBMDO, MasCom FM, Regaogetswe Networks

Your Future is in Your Hands.

Expo 2016

Career Expo 2016

LocationMasemola High School, Ga-Masemola
Date8 May 2016
PartnersBBMDO, MasCom FM

Yes, you can!

Expo 2015

Career Expo 2015

LocationMasemola High School, Ga-Masemola
Date09 May 2015
PartnersBBMDO, MasCom FM


Mandela Day 2015

Mandela Day 2015

LocationMasemola High School, Ga-Masemola
Date18 July 2015
PartnersBBMDO, MasCom FM

The purpose of this project was to donate learning tools, toys and other items meant for enhancing early childhood learning. We further aimed to improve physical conditions of the centre by painting racks and walls. The donations remain property of the school used by all children forming part of the centre. We believe that endeavours like this contribute to the ultimate goal of improving the quality of education in our villages.

Mascom FM

Board Dispute Resolution (Mediation)

Affected PartiesMascom FM
PartnersBBMDO, MasCom FM


Land Dispute

Formal Advice on Land Dispute

Affected PartiesMasemola Royal Council
PartnersBBMDO, MasCom FM
Link None


Sports 2016

MYP Soccer Tournament 2016

Date25-26th March 2016
PartnersBBMDO, MasCom FM



MYP-Deloitte Schools Initiative Programme

Date20 March 2015

Having noted that many of the learners in our local schools are struggling to commit their energy and discipline towards their studies, Deloitte conducted an assessment and found that this is largely due to a limited vision of the possibilities after matric. Deloitte developed a strategic approach to combat this problem. Entitled Vision Sessions, this initiative was aimed at engaging learners with the support and consent of the schools governing body to inspire and inform the learners of opportunities in the South African environment and the potential inside themselves. We also share personal success stories of our employees that might have faced adverse difficulties and challenges on their journey to become successful young professionals.

  • Expo 2017

    MYP Career Expo 2017

  • Mandela Day 2016

    Mandela Day 2015

  • project 3

    MYP Soccer Tournament 2016

  • Expo 2016

    MYP Career Expo 2016

  • Mediation

    Board Dispute Resolution

  • Expo 2015

    MYP Career Expo 2015

  • Land Dispute

    Land Dispute Resolution

  • MYP-Deloitte

    MYP-Deloitte Schools Initiative

What People Say

We value feedback, below are some of the things people say about our endeavors.

"A great opportunity to inspire young people."

Lea Holtz, Multotec on Career Expo 2016

"Good job, one day we will join you and build our future."

Thabang Tabudi Dinaka, Learner on Career Expo 2017

"I want to thank you guys for wat u done to us today."

Golden Teeboy Goldinho, Learner on Career Expo 2017

"Great work guys,keep it up."

Thabang T-bone Mahlatsi, Resident. on Career Expo

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Our Donors

MYP would never accomplish anything without the support of our donors. Below are a few who made our endeavors possible.

MYP is a Non-Profitable Organisation that solely relies on donations, sponsors and community contributions. All financial and/or material resources are most welcome and heartily appreciated.

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We believe in engagement, we welcome all questions, suggestions and comments. Please feel free to get in touch.

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